Denny residents say overflowing recycling bins have become a 'legal dumping ground'

Packed to maximum recycling bins in a Denny street have become an eyesore, an environmental health concern and even a source of noise pollution according to residents.

By James Trimble
Tuesday, 13th July 2021, 2:01 pm

The Falkirk Herald has received a number of complaints from householders in Ochil View, Denny regarding Falkirk Council’s communal recycling bin area in Ochil View, Denny.

They say the area is now overflowing with rubbish and that some of the bins have not been emptied for a couple of months now.

The location is now being used as a kind of “legal dumping ground” by people, with everything from bedding to bottles littering the ground beside the bins.

The communal recycling bins in Ochil View are becoming a real eyesore

As well as being an eyesore, there are fears the recent hot weather could combine with the rubbish building up on the ground to create a serious environmental health hazard.

One resident said: "The council are doing nothing about it. The can recycling bin hasn't been emptied in past two months and there is food rubbish on top of it. The council was here last week looking at them.

"I heard there was a dead rat there as well but it must have been removed."

There is also an issue of noise pollution with many residents calling for sound proofing or notices telling people to only use them after certain times.

The communal recycling bins in Ochil View are becoming a real dumping ground according to residents

One householder said: "The bins are less than 20 metres from my house and neighbouring houses and the smashing of bottles into these bins start as early as 6am and can finish after 11pm."

Falkirk Council has yet to respond to The Falkirk Herald on the matter.

Residents say the recycling bins in Ochil View are always overflowing