Denny residents' despair as beauty spot becomes dumping ground for dog's dirt and Buckfast bottles

Householders in the Denny area have been forced to carry out weekly litter picks themselves as thoughtless dog owners and mindless boozers continue to drop their filth and beverage containers all over a once beautiful location.

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 5:07 pm

Little Denny Reservoir, near Head of Muir – specifically the section of land near Myothill Road – has become a popular dumping ground in the last few weeks.

The facility, which opened back in 1888, is a small drinking-water reservoir operated by Scottish Water retained by an earth embankment dam – but now locals claim it is becoming a damn disgrace.

One resident, who carries out litter picks with her husband, said: “It’s been going on for such a long time, but it’s got worse recently. We are certainly more aware of it now we have a dog and walk the area.

Little Denny Reservoir is become a dumping ground for all sorts of filth - from dog's dirt to Buckfast bottles, nappies and more

"There are bins on the street, but no bins in that area and people have been dropping their dog bags at the crash barrier or stuffing them into fence posts. Some people are not even picking up after their dogs and just letting them do their business on the ground and leaving it.

"The one we came across while we were doing our litter pick looked like it had come from a horse. I mean it’s not that far to go to carry a dog bag back to one of the three bins on the road."

Those problems stem from selfish dog owners, but according to other residents there has also been a spate of littering from young people who have gathering in the area to drink alcohol.

"There is more and more litter appearing – Strongbow, Fosters cans and Buckfast bottles – they have even been chucking their cans and bottles into the field where the three wee donkeys are.

A hollowed out fence post at Little Denny Reservoir has become an impromptu rubbish bin for youngsters and dog owners

"There has been nappies and even two trouts dumped here recently. It used to be a beautiful place, but now it’s become a dumping ground for all kinds of rubbish – the people who do this should be ashamed of themselves.

"When you add it together with all the dog mess and dog backs being left here, the place has become a stinking mess.”