Dad’s special delivery as baby arrives

Picture: Alan Murray
Picture: Alan Murray

Mum Leanne Townsend realised her baby was going to arrive in a hurry – but didn’t think husband David would have to step in as midwife.

Although the couple live in Kinnaird Village, only a few minutes from Forth Valley Royal Hospital, her son’s arrival happened so fast there was no time to get to the maternity unit.

In fact, little Arran Gwyn was came so quick even the paramedics hadn’t arrived before the birth.

Leanne (35) and David (40) already have a son Liam (4) and this pregnancy was described as textbook.

Baby didn’t appear on the due date of September 17 but the following day Leanne woke up and almost immediately had a sharp pain.

She said: “Literally within an hour they had ramped up and, knowing that the last time I nearly never got to hospital, I told David he better call my mum to look after Liam.

“He also called for an ambulance but it became clear they weren’t going to get here before baby so the ambulance people on the phone were talking him through what to do.”

At 8.04am and with only one push Arran arrived safely.

Leanne, who runs a project management business with David, said: “Just as he was born Liam walked into the room and asked why I was screaming then said ‘my baby’s here’!”

Mum and baby were taken to hospital for a check-up but allowed home later the same day.

Leanne said: “We would like to thank everyone at the Scottish Ambulance Service who did such a great job, particularly the rapid response paramedic Jules. I’d also like to say a massive thanks to David.”