Covid can’t stop Bo’ness slimmers

While 2020 was a really tough year for everyone, it didn’t stop the members of the Bo’ness Slimming World Groups reaching their goals.

Lisa MacIntosh of the Bo’ness Slimming World Group, pictured before and after her weight loss.
Lisa MacIntosh of the Bo’ness Slimming World Group, pictured before and after her weight loss.

Local weight experts Yvonne Forrest and Lisa MacIntosh run the four Bo’ness groups between. Speaking about the past year, Yvonne said: “We are thrilled to share our members success, having only the first 10 weeks of 2020 in our real in person groups, before going virtual.

“Our members have remained committed to their own personal weight loss journey and to each other, keeping that community feel and support, and being part of an amazing company with 50 years’ experience in not only weight loss but behaviour changes in helping people achieving their weight loss dream is such a unique role, we’re both incredibly proud.”

Yvonne and Lisa are no strangers to successful weight loss journey’s – both are members and between them share and incredible weight loss success of 12 and a half stone.

They to know that getting off to the best start is key to success, and their fabulous first week results of 7lbs and 5lbs, gave them all the motivation they need to go on and achieve their dreams.

Yvonne said: “Slimming worlds new research of 1.1m members shows the more weight you lose in your first week the more likely you are to be successful in the longer term.”

This year Slimming world is geared up to ensue every members gets off to their own fresh start.

Lisa said: “Food Optimising is the first and only healthy eating plan to bring slimmer’s freedom from hunger, freedom from guilt while tackling the psychological as well as the physical barriers to losing weight and to see amazing results from week 1. It’s healthy, sustainable and with small changes towards a healthier way of cooking, shopping and eating bringing big results on the scales, what’s not to love.”

Lisa and Yvonne will continue to run their groups virtually until guidance permits otherwise, but both consultants have a full package of support for their members and new members to “Slim at Home”.

Yvonne said: “Don’t put your life on hold right now, follow your dreams. Lisa and I are with you every step, this is a lifestyle change to how you eat, shop and cook, with meals to suit the whole family like hunters chicken lasagne, cottage pie, roast dinners , chilli con carne, fish and chips, Chinese veg stir fry, too many favourites to mention, but quick, easy made and food you’ll enjoy.”

If you are looking for your 2021 fresh start and want to book, call Yvonne on 07809 367 535 or Lisa on 07505 488 997. For further information contact