Council forced to do an extra bin collection

A number of bins in Langlees were not emptied as the area moved to the new collection schedule last week . Picture: Michael Gillen
A number of bins in Langlees were not emptied as the area moved to the new collection schedule last week . Picture: Michael Gillen

The first days of the four-weekly refuse cycle caused havoc last week as scores of overflowing bins weren’t picked up.

Crews from Falkirk Council’s waste department were forced to go back out in Bainsford and Langless to empty the green bins that weren’t lifted first time around due to them being overflowing with rubbish.

Householders say that while a number of bins were overflowing and wouldn’t normally be emptied – some of the lids on the green bins were only open about an inch but still weren’t lifted and would have been left for another month.

Residents took to the community’s Facebook group page, Bainsford and Langlees Community Forum, to vent their anger.

Moira Binnie commented: “Mine was not overfilled and they are going to be as full once a month!”.

Another comment said: “Because the lid is a bit open they won’t empty it? If the proper materials are in the correct bins they should be emptying them.

“I can’t go another month with no refuse disposal, that will be a total of seven weeks of rubbish crammed in the bin and that’s disgusting and unhygienic.”

A spokesperson for Falkirk Council said: “We are now in the process of moving to the four-weekly collection cycle. During the transition we will continue to work with residents on how to use all the facilities and collections the council has to offer.

“Last week a number of containers were initially left due to being presented overfull. However, on this occasion we returned to collect the containers.

“If any resident thinks they are using all the recycling containers but are still producing excessive material they should contact the council to discuss their individual circumstances so we can provide detailed and robust support to that household.”

SNP group leader Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn said: “Thanks to the lack of leadership of the three members of the Labour/Tory Administration appointed to the Policy Development Panel (PDP) set up to oversee this change, we have a real crisis on our hands.

“To bring about the fundamental change in attitude to waste you have to take the people with you and it is clear this vital pre-requisite has not been met by the current leaders of Falkirk Council.”

Councillor Craig R Martin said last week’s problems were “not down to the change of bin collections” and blamed SNP government cuts and waste targets for the forced changes in bin collections.

He said: “We currently recycle about 53 per cent and we need to get to 60 per cent in a few years or face punishment by the SNP government. On top of that the SNP government cut our grant by £10 million last year and we are to expect the same this year.

“The change to four-weekly landfill bin collections is because the council needs to meet the strict SNP government’s zero waste landfill targets.

“It is disappointing that the SNP are attacking us for having cross party working groups to improve local services and using what is said in these meetings against us.

“The public don’t really care for this petty behaviour, they want us to work together to help the council get through these tough times.

“Last week’s difficulties were not down to the change of bin collections and the issues have been rectified. If people are struggling, then please get in touch and individual help will be offered.”