CBeebies star urges Falkirk kids ‘don’t chuck out your old toys’

The star of children’s TV show Molly and Mack is urging Falkirk kids to hand their old toys on to be enjoyed once again as part of Zero Waste Scotland’s Pass it on Week.
Joshua Hayne.Joshua Hayne.
Joshua Hayne.

Joshua Haynes, who plays Mack in the hit CBeebies show, says it is more important than ever that we make better use of our resources to protect the planet.

Pass it on Week (March 7 to 15) is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and is the national celebration of reuse.

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This year’s theme, The Great Toy Rescue, encourages people to pass on items on so they can play another day.

Passing on toys that are in a good condition, or just need a little fixing up, is said to benefit the environment by avoiding the need to buy new - and also diverts existing valuable materials from potentially ending up in landfill or incineration.

Joshua Haynes said: “It’s more important than ever to be making better use of our resources. The effects of global warming are now here for everyone to see and it’s not a debatable possibility, it’s a very real and tangible thing.

“We’ve got to do whatever we can to help retain the natural beauty and wonder of our world and finding out how to better use what resources and materials we already have is one of the biggest steps to achieving that goal.”

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Joshua has shared his own story of his favourite childhood toy to highlight “why it’s so important to value what we already have and how passing on can make someone else’s day”.

For further details visit passitonweek.com.

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