Camelon Sensory Centre reaches out to young vandals who wrecked bench

Camelon’s Forth Valley Sensory Centre fell victim to vandalism at the weekend but the youngsters who did the damage are being given a chance to redeem themselves.

Captured on the famous Redbrae Road facility’s CCTV system, the incident happened on Saturday just before 5.30pm when a group of four young boys took turns stamping on the wooden benches in the centre’s garden area.

The footage – which is available to be viewed on the Sensory Centre’s Facebook page – clearly shows the culprits carrying out the mindless act, but Sensory Centre officials are holding off from making it a matter for police.

A Forth Valley Sensory Centre spokesperson said: “The group of boys, having sat down and had a good natter, decided it would be a good idea to vandalise one of our benches.

The youngsters took turns stamping on the wooden bench in the Sensory Centre garden

“We have thought long and hard over this and we would prefer to see these people given a chance to fix the damage they have done rather than get them charged with anything.”

If you view the footage and recognise any of the boys you can get in touch with the centre by e-mail at [email protected]