Cambridge trip could be transplant lifesaver for Falkirk newly wed Rory

A young husband married the love of his life at the weekend and then was told he was heading down by air ambulance to England to be assessed for a vital transplant operation.

By James Trimble
Thursday, 3rd December 2020, 7:30 am

Rory Wilson (24) married Rebecca Macadam (23) in an emotional ceremony in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary which staff had worked hard to provide for the young couple at short notice after Rory’s condition took a turn for the worse.

Six foot 11 inch ex Falkirk Fury player Rory, from Carronshore, is waiting to see if he will be accepted for a life saving procedure known as a multivisceral transplant – involving the liver, small bowel and possibly even a kidney.

Just after he became a married man, the former St Mungo’s High School pupil heard he now had confirmation he was going down to Cambridge today for the second part of the assessment to see if he is suitable – and strong enough – to go through the complex procedure.

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Carronshore's Rory Wilson marries Rebecca Macadam in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Rory’s mum Donna, who was one of the guests at the weekend wedding, said: “The pictures of the wedding are really nice and Rory looks great, but after they were taken he had to rest he was so tired.

“He needs to be accepted for this operation and he needs to be put on the transplant list – he is very poorly.”

The short wedding ceremony at the hospital was made extra special by the efforts of staff who turned a bay in the ward into a wedding venue in just 24 hours.

Staff stated: “Congrats to them both – we wish them health and happiness.”

Carronshore's Rory Wilson ties the knot with Rebecca Macadam in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Donna said the Cambridge trip, which is scheduled to last a week, was not quite a honeymoon for her son and his new bride, but it may be the start of a process which will allow them to enjoy a long and happy life together.

"It’s a lovely place, but I don’t think Rory will be seeing too much of it while he’s down there,” Donna said.

Rory’s wife Rebecca set up a Just Giving page to raise funds to allow Rory to stay down in Cambridge.

Donna said: “If he is okay to go ahead with the transplant it means he will be in the hospital down there for three months.

"Then he will have to stay down there for another three months outside the hospital as he recovers, checking in at the hospital regularly so they can see if his body is accepting the new organs.”

While at high school, Rory was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis and autoimmune hepatitis and a couple of years later at college had to be rushed to hospital to undergo a liver transplant.

Over the next five years everything went fine – Rory even found time to star in the 2017 World Transplant Games in Malaga.

However, in November last year, he had to have his large colon removed, suffered a perforation in the small bowel and contracted sepsis.

He now requires dialysis to help his kidneys continue to function.

Donna said: “Cambridge is the only thing that will make a difference for him – this operation in Cambridge is about his whole future.”

Visit and search for Rebecca MacAdam’s Rory Wilson page to donate to the cause.