Cairn offers grants cash for Falkirk projects

This herb garden was funded with a Cairn grant.
This herb garden was funded with a Cairn grant.

Charities, clubs and good causes across Falkirk are being invited to apply for their share of a £10,000 funding pot launched by Cairn Housing Association.

The Cairn Community Fund aims to provide support for a wide range of organisations and projects, and has given more than £60,000 to good causes since it was launched in 2013.

The money has been used to fund projects including girls and boys football teams, rooftop gardens to combat loneliness and meals on wheels initiatives.

Other projects to have benefited from the have included an art project to create memory books at a retirement housing project, and a photography project to capture places of local interest.

Jason MacGilp, Chief Executive of Cairn Housing Association, said: “We’re totally committed to investing in communities across Scotland and helping to make them better places.

“We recognise that each community we work in across Scotland in unique which is why the funding is open to a host of different initiatives.

“If you have an idea of how the Cairn Community fund could help you or your organisation, I would urge you to get in touch with us as we’re always proud to play our part in getting projects off the ground.”

In order to be eligible for funding, projects must enhance the quality of life in areas where Cairn tenants live.

This can be through environmental benefits or by encouraging community cohesion to help improve the lives of local people.

Grants of up to £1,000 are available and can be spent, for example, on the buying or hiring of equipment, training courses and paying for venues or catering at community events.

To apply, you need to present a detailed plan for your project and complete an application form, which can be accessed at