Bonnybridge baby’s dramatic arrival

A new mum has spoken about the emotional moment she was finally allowed to hold her beautiful baby daughter after and extremely traumatic birth.

By Morgan Thomson
Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 7:05 pm

Little Siena Rose Murray’s arrival into the world on March 14 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital was anything but plain sailing for first time parents Claire Neilson (32) and dad Tony Murray (35).

Claire, a carer from Bonnybridge, said: “The pregnancy itself was great and I experienced no sickness and the nine months passed very smoothly but the birth itself was another story.

“Basically, I nearly died.”

Claire explained that she had been in labour for 15 hours and this caused her to lose a lot of blood.

She was rushed for an emergency C-section and was also given multiple blood transfusions.

Complications saw her uterus not stop contracting and this caused the blood being given to her to keep bleeding back out.

“I had five blood transfusions and frozen plasmas and platelets were put back inside me too,” Claire said.

During the ordeal Claire was allowed to hold her baby briefly before she was taken away to be monitored.

During all of this Tony was holding her. He got to feed her and do the first skin to skin.

Claire said: “When this was all going on all I kept thinking about was my baby - if she was okay and is Tony okay? I can remember Tony telling me it’s a girl and her weight 9lbs 11oz and I only got to see her for two seconds.”

Tony, who runs hhis own grounds work business, said he felt “extremely emotional” about the whole experience.

Thankfully, Claire recovered from the birth and little Siena is now thriving at home.

Claire said: “The first time I got to hold her was the best feeling in the world. She felt so tiny even though she was almost 10lbs.

“I didn’t want to let her go.”

She explained how she felt nervous to be holding her due to all of the intravenous drips that were in her hands for the fluids and antibiotics she was on.

Claire said: “I feel so thankful that everything worked out in the end and we are all well and healthy now. I am so thankful for all the help and support we have received from both our parents and our friends, especially my good friend Amanda Kirkwood.”

Claire would also like to thank the maternity staff at Forth Valley Royal for everything they did for her and her baby.

Baby Siena is now at home and is described as being a content baby who is full of smiles.

And the new parents admit they are doubly bless as she even sleeps through the night!