Bo'ness friends' snow tribute to town to cheer up pal during lockdown

A group of friends have made the most of the snow and made a tribute to their town to cheer up a friend.

By Rachel Mackie
Wednesday, 17th February 2021, 10:02 am

Bobby Rintoul, a heavy goods driver from Bo’ness had been concerned for a friend as lockdown was taking its toll, and came up with a plan to make him smile.

He said: “Everyone had been a bit down in the dumps.

"We were all into off-road driving, so we decided to write something in the snow in the field.”

This beautiful tribute in the snow near Bo'ness was done to help make a friend smile. Photo by Charlie Simpson.

Bobby drove the car, neatly spelling the word Bo’ness in the untouched snow, and their friend Charlie Simpson took the pictures and made a video.

He concluded: “We all love the town, and we wanted to do something to help a friend in need.”