Bo'ness family's online fundraiser to save beloved pet dog's life

A Bo’ness family has set-up an online fundraiser to pay the medical costs for their beloved pet dog Bella, who suffers from fluid on her brain.

Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 8:47 pm
Poor Bella's family are desperate to raise money to get her an MRI scan.

The Munro family are hoping to raise £7,000 to cover the cost of a £3,000 MRI scan and pet insurance costs for Border Collie Bella.

Chelsea Munro (17), along with her mum and dad Victoria (45) and Gordon (48), sister Keira (11), and brother Ryan (20), are desperate to stop Bella’s suffering, after instantly falling in love with her when she joined the family in January this year

She said: “We were ecstatic to be able to finally have the chance to have a loving fur baby of our own. She was a healthy puppy, or so we thought.

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"On March 10, when Bella was only four months old, we had noticed that she had a limp. The next morning when we woke up, she couldn't even sit up. She was paralyzed.

"We then took her to the vets where they referred us to a neurologist. We had to drop her off at the hospital and they did an MRI on her and came to the diagnosis that she had hydrocephalus (known as water head).

"This condition was so severe that if they didn't operate straight away she would've passed away that night.”

The surgery consisted of a tube being put in Bella’s head which allows the fluid to drain from her brain as she goes to the toilet.

"She could never wear a collar again, play with a ball, play with other dogs and just missed out on her time as a puppy,” said Chelsea.

"But she made a speedy recovery and was walking again. It was like nothing happened.”

Although the family’s insurance covered part of the £7,000 bill, there was no insurance money left.

The family were then left shattered in July when Bella’s behaviour suddenly changed dramatically, and the animal hospital suspected a blockage in her tube. An expensive MRI scan was suggested, leading to more surgery, but the family simply can’t afford it.

Bella is currently on painkillers and steroids.

Chelsea added: "The worst part is that the tube could kink at any moment and we can't afford to save her. We also cannot know what is wrong with her fully without doing these expensive tests.”

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