Bo'ness family business celebrates 125 years serving fish & chips to locals

Family-run Bo’ness fish & chips shop, Corvi’s, is celebrating 125 years in business throughout October.

By Kevin Quinn
Friday, 24th September 2021, 1:00 pm
Mari-Ellena with her father Bert, pictured outside Corvi's in 2014 before his retirement.
Mari-Ellena with her father Bert, pictured outside Corvi's in 2014 before his retirement.

After a difficult 18 months due to lockdowns and restrictions the shop is finally fully open again and ready to celebrate the remarkable anniversary.

Owner Mari-Ellena said “It’s especially nice to be celebrating this achievement after the difficulties of the pandemic, we’re so happy to have the shop fully open again as it should be!

"It was going to be a huge milestone in our history anyway, but it feels doubly so with everything that has happened recently.”

Bertie Corvi with his brother, pictured outside the Bo'ness chippy, circa 1910.

The shop on Seaview Place was originally opened in 1896 by Italian immigrants Antonio and Clementina Ferarri and has passed through five generations of the family, it is now run by their great-great granddaughter Mari-Ellena and her husband Donnie.

The shop still operates in the traditional way cooking everything fresh to order, with takeaway and dine-in options available. Their speciality is known locally as a “Broon Fish Supper”, a smoked haddock fillet cooked in crispy batter.

Mari-Ellena added “We really try to keep the shop running as it would have been back in the day, we’ve introduced some things like nice coffees, but we still get our fish delivered daily by our local fishmonger and peel the potatoes ourselves every morning.

"You can still sit in and have a wee fish tea or an ice-cream drink like you would have when my granny was running the place!”

Corvi’s is open 12pm- 7pm, Tuesday to Saturday.