Bo'ness charity helps spread word on community groups

A charity helping community organisations in Bo’ness and Blackness is offering free space on its website to promote local causes.

Stock photo of Bo'ness.
Stock photo of Bo'ness.

Bo’net – the Bo’ness Networking Group – has also set up a Facebook group to encourage idea sharing, and revamped its email newsletter system.

Madelene Hunt, the chair of Bo’net, said: “We’re keen to flag up new funding and other opportunities for local groups. These are difficult times and we need to do all we can to help each other.”

Any community group interested in finding out more can visit the Bo’net website – - for details.

Bo’net has been supported by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust in its recent work to create two community action plans for Bo’ness and Blackness. It also attracted funding to roll out new audio guides and kick start a garden revamp at Bo’ness Hospital.

The charity also reprinted its successful tourist map in a bid to boost the economy and promote the area’s heritage.

Madelene said: “Already a number of community groups and initiatives are featured on our website, but we’re always keen to showcase new ones – or update existing listings.

“We’re also trialling a Facebook group to encourage people to start conversations and help each other.

“And hopefully our refreshed email newsletter should spread the word about the latest announcements and new funding opportunities.

“If people have questions or queries, please drop us an email to: [email protected]

She added: “Of course, not everyone is online. If there are community activists who need our help, by all means give me a call. I’m on 01506 829526.

“You can also contact our excellent volunteer secretary Maria Ford on 01506 510629.”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​