Bo’ness actor Gary Wales is hoping for a Stateside move

Bo’ness actor Gary Wales has returned from a month in Oklahoma shooting an action/thriller movie, which he hopes will help him fulfil his Hollywood dreams.

The 23-year-old actor was recently stateside filming the new Marlon Ladd movie The Deal, due to be released next July. He said: “It’s probably the biggest movie I have done. I have done a lot of independent films. A lot of which were in Ireland when I lived there. And a lot of short films. So this was pretty good.

“It was really hot. Being Scottish I’m obviously not used to that heat. When we were filming outside in a 
big open field I was getting eaten by mosquitos and the heat was 100 plus Fahrenheit.

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“The rays were so strong. We must have went through ten cases of water. It was very hot. It didn’t help I was wearing all black either!

“So it was pretty hard to keep chilled on camera. But it was still a great experience. I’m definitely going to go back.

“Distribution for the movie is already sorted in the States. Hopefully we get distributors here in the UK as well. We hope to get it in a few cinemas here.”

The movie is about a young couple in a hurry to get out of town, who kidnap and car jack a man named Burks Hill. Hill agrees to take them to Los Angeles as long as they let him live, but this deal among strangers with secret motives does not work out quite as planned.

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“It’s an action/ thriller/ romance, with some bits of comedy,” added Gary.

“One of my scenes was quite comical, but it is mostly an action packed thriller with lots of guns and gang related things.

“It’s a lead role, I play the sidekick, called Glover. It was quite a fun role. I play a Scottish character, who is kind of an international hitman. So it was nice to keep my Scottish accent.

“Filming The Deal was fun. I just want it to blow up. I don’t want to leave my hometown, but I would like to move to America to continue my career then come back to help out where I can in Bo’ness and help the community. I want to try and change some things here.”

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A former pupil of Grange Primary, Kinneil Primary and Bo’ness Academy, he grew up in the Deanfield area of Bo’ness before spending ten years living in County Armagh in Northern Ireland.

Gary, who also appeared in Game of Thrones as Healtor Troop Frey, also has two new short films – Round and Little to Lose – which came out earlier this month on Amazon Prime.

“They are just five minutes long each, but it all helps,” added Gary.

“Little to Lose is getting picked up by a producer for a feature length film.

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“My next step now is to try to move to America. My manager and I are trying to get everything sorted so I can get over there as soon 
as possible. As there is so much work over there and I have had offers of work there.”