Black Loch anglers go fishing for cash on Eggheads

Our very own Eggheads - the Black Loch Buzzers
Our very own Eggheads - the Black Loch Buzzers

From the quiet and calm of fishing on Black Loch to the pressure and excitement of answering questions on national television.

That was the challenge for five local fishermen who bravely signed up for popular BBC Two quiz show Eggheads, which sees groups of friends take on the best quiz team in Britain in the hope of winning thousands of pounds.

But the Black Loch Buzzers didn’t take part to line their own pockets, – they wanted to kick start fundraising for a wheelie boat to help disabled people access the loch.

The episode was recorded in January and will be aired tomorrow (Friday) when the whole community will find out how the local guys got on.

Scott Adams, a member of the quiz team who co-owns Black Loch Fishery with brother Fraser, said: “Our lips are sealed so we can’t say what happened but I can say we all had a fantastic time.

“The Eggheads were exceptional, very nice and very well educated.

“It’s something I would recommend to anyone.”

The Buzzers path to TV fame began two years ago.

Scott from Stenhousemuir said: “I received an email in 2015 about it but I just thought it was spam and ignored it.

“Then they emailed again in the summer of last year and later last year they phoned me up.

“The production company said they were looking for a group of anglers to appear on Eggheads because they had never had one before.

“The more I thought about it, I realised it could be a good thing because we were raising money for the wheelie boat.

“The team we picked were guys who fish at or are connected with the loch.

“There was a mixture of nerves and excitement but we had a great time. If I ever did something like that again, I would pick the same team.”

Joining Scott in the Black Loch Buzzers were David Ezzi from Blackridge, Daniel Green from Larbert, Falkirk’s David Symon and Brian Lynn from Polmont.

Daniel, an occasional fisher at Black Loch, said: “Scott was tickled pink to get a call from the production company.

“When Scott asked me to take part, my first thought was that I wouldn’t do it.

“But I realised it was a great opportunity to find out about how a TV programme was made and what goes on.

“We thought the worst thing that could happen was that we’d make fools of ourselves on national TV.

“The appearance was to kick start fundraising for a disabled anglers boat.

“Scott has done a lot to help people with mobility problems at the loch but it’s very expensive and this particular item costs £14,000.”

After deciding to appear on the quiz show, the team did some research on each of the Eggheads, trying to work out their weaknesses and develop a game plan.

Team captain Daniel said: “We thought Judith Keppel, who was a very nice lady, had a definite weakness in sport, but with Kevin Ashman we couldn’t find any weaknesses.

“He seemed to know every fact – ever!

“We decided what our own individual strengths were and which of us would take the bullet if a topic came up that none of us was confident about.”

The show was filmed on January 25 at the BBC studios in Glasgow.

Daniel said: “Our slot was at 7am so we had to get up at 5am, get breakfast and get into Glasgow.

“We finished recording about 10.45am.

“It was a very positive experience. The Eggheads are charming people, fun and supportive.

“It was an experience though as after a round, we would get our make-up touched up and our shirts adjusted. That’s not really something we are used to!

“We were nervous, especially saying our names at the start knowing millions of people would see us but we settled down and really enjoyed it.”

Now, the gang are getting ready to see themeselves on prime-time TV.

Daniel added: “I’m an officer with the 5th Larbert Boys’ Brigade which meets on a Friday night so I’ll record it.

“But I’d like the team to meet up to watch it together and have a good laugh.”

Scott added: “I hope everyone will be watching – get the popcorn in!”

To support the fundraising campaign, visit or visit the fishery.

* The episode will be shown at 6.30pm on BBC2 tomorrow (Friday).