Bainsford eyesore needs torn down

The 'big bar' in Bainsford Main Street has lain empty for seven years. Picture: Michael Gillen (130940)
The 'big bar' in Bainsford Main Street has lain empty for seven years. Picture: Michael Gillen (130940)

Calls are being made for a dilapidated building to be torn down and the site redeveloped to help regenerate a community.

The red sandstone building at the corner of David’s Loan and Main Street in Bainsford has lain empty for seven years and is in a serious state of disrepair.

According to Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn, Falkirk Council has considered buying it through a compulsory purchase order, but decided against this due to concerns over parking for future uses such as shops or housing.

The Falkirk North councillor is now calling on the council to buy it and plan for future use as part of a regeneration of Bainsford’s Main Street.

She said: “The local community is suffering because of this eyesore and businesses are being affected. It’s now an area for fly-tipping too. There seems to be a reluctance to sort the problem. If this building was in another part of the town I think the problem would have been solved.”

The ground floor of the building, locally known as the “Big Bar”, is owned by a Mr Akthar while there are a number of other owners of the flats above, which were condemned following a fire.

It is believed the cost to refurbish the building would be too great for the owners due to its condition and Mrs Meiklejohn believes it may have to be pulled down to make way for a new development.

Bainsford Bowling Club sits directly behind the building, and its members say it is losing money due to fly-tipping and access problems. The club is considering legal action to have the site cleaned up.

Club secretary Alan Henderson said: “We’ve lost members and numerous bookings for functions because of this. Our committee is meeting this week to consider legal action over the mess.”

The council says it does not have the resources or any plans to buy the building for redevelopment, but is monitoring the situation and trying to find a way forward with property owners.

A council spokeswoman added: “We are aware of the concerns over the poor condition of this property and in relation to safety we have removed potential risks to the public as a result of the failure by the owners to address these concerns.”

Mr Akthar could not be contacted for comment despite attempts.