Baby of the week: New Carron tot Cody Lyon

Cody William Thomas Lyon was born on March 27, 2023 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 3.24pm, weighing 7lb 7oz.
Cody Lyon  (pic: D & M Loney Photography)Cody Lyon  (pic: D & M Loney Photography)
Cody Lyon (pic: D & M Loney Photography)

Mum Danielle Black, 27, works for NHS Forth Valley recruitment, while dad Steven Lyon, 26, works for Proludic Ltd in the playground industry. The family live in New Carron.

Mum said her pregnancy wasn’t good as she had extremely bad sickness throughout. She had pre-eclampsia at the end. She said being pregnant was “not an enjoyable experience at all”.

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Having feared giving birth for most of her adult life, mum said the actual experience was amazing. She was induced two weeks early due to the pre-eclampsia and said “it is something I would love to experience again maybe if I could skip the pregnancy”.

Mum and dad were between two names that they liked. Once he was here they agreed on Cody. His middle names William and Thomas are after his great grandfathers on both sides – William Mills who is sadly no longer with us and Thomas Black who just adores Cody.

Cody is always full of smiles and loves a carry on playing peek-a-boo. He has a few favourite toys. When he sees ‘DJ’ his face lights up. He loves his mummy and daddy but they would definitely say at the moment he’s a mummy’s boy. He loves going to baby class with friends every week. Mum said: “He is the most handsome, happy and clever baby boy and we are so blessed every single day to have him in our lives. He just lights up any room and is adored by everyone."

Cody’s proud grandparents are Nicola Black and Derek Mitchell, and Mary Mills Lyon and Gordon Lyon.

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Mum and Cody would like to say a big thank you to daddy, Steven. They are grateful to him for always putting them first and for everything he does for them.

Mum added a thank you to her mum, Nicola too. She said: “She helped me through my pregnancy as I was so unwell. She organised an amazing gender reveal or us and beautiful baby shower for me. She waited in the hospital whilst I was in labour down the hallway for 12 hours just because she knew I felt so much better knowing she was there. She literally goes above and beyond for us and I honestly have no idea where I would be without all her help and support. She is the most amazing woman with the biggest heart and love for her family. She is the best mum I could ever ask for and now the best Gran to our Cody. I’m so thankful for everything she does for us and I hope one day I can be even half the mum she’s been to me. We can always count on her and we love her so much.”