Baby of the week: Falkirk tot Myles Duffy

Myles Neil Duffy was born on February 9, 2023 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 3.02pm, weighing 7lb 8oz.
Myles Duffy  (pic: submitted)Myles Duffy  (pic: submitted)
Myles Duffy (pic: submitted)

Mum Caitlin Jamieson, 25, was a full time carer before her maternity leave, while dad Stuart Duffy, 30, is a bar manager. The family live in Falkirk.

Mum said her pregnancy was easy. She said that without the scans and her bump eventually showing at six and a half months she wouldn’t have believed she was pregnant.

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Mum said she was very lucky as the birth was also quite easy. Having had cramps on the Wednesday which mum thought were braxton hicks and a restless sleep that night, mum and dad went to the hospital on the Thursday morning. When they were first seen around 12.30pm they were shocked to realise mum was already 7cm. Mum said: “We were quickly moved upstairs and it felt as if we just got settled in the room when I Was checked and his head was already visible. The birth was so quick that I didn’t even have time for pain relief and before we knew it he was here.”

Mum and dad had gone through many name options only cutting it down to two a couple of days before, but as soon as they saw him they knew he was Myles. His middle name, Neil, is Caitlin’s dad’s name and was always going to be his middle name.

Myles is the most content and happy baby ever. He smiles at anyone that speaks to him and when it comes to family he is always babbling or laughing at them all.

Myles is a first grandchild to Lorraine and Neil Jamieson, and a first great grandchild to Myra and David Jamieson.

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Mum and dad would like to thank their midwife Amy and student midwife Heather for everything they did for them. Mum added: “They were definitely a big part of making everything so easy.”

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