Baby of the week: Camelon tot Oscar Campbell

Oscar Alexander Edward Campbell was born on June 5, 2022 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 12.54pm, weighing 5lb 3oz.
Oscar CampbellOscar Campbell
Oscar Campbell

Mum Emily Campbell, 21, is a stay at home mum, while dad John J Campbell, 34, is an HGV driver. The family, including Oscar’s fur brother and sister Enzo and Lilly, live in Camelon.

The couple were heartbroken a lot of times with negative pregnancy tests, but when they finally got a positive they couldn’t believe it. Mum said everything was fine for the first couple of weeks of pregnancy, but then she had extremely bad sickness. She was told she had hyperemesis gravidarum, which led to many hospital trips and being in for over a week at a time.

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She said that everyone at Forth Valley Royal was amazing and she couldn’t have done it all without John, adding: “He was the one that kept me going through the pregnancy. Oscar was doing amazing while I lost a lot of weight.”

At 24 weeks mum began getting growth scans every week as Oscar wasn’t growing as well as normal. Then at 36 weeks three days he’d dipped very low in growth so mum was induced on the Friday and Oscar was born on the Sunday – three weeks and two days early.

Mum said: “It was the best experience John and I went through. Even though it was a rough pregnancy he was worth it all. To see him and know he was here safe and healthy. The sickness disappeared as soon as I gave birth like it wasn’t even there.”

Mum and dad said they saw the name Oscar and fell in love. They knew if they ever had a little boy they would call him Oscar. When they found out they were having a little boy they knew it was meant to be with the name as they loved it.

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Mum says Oscar is a cheeky boy, who has the cheekiest smile and loves everyone. He’s very talkative and always has something to say.

Oscar’s proud grandparents are Granny Josephine Pollock, Grandad Stephen Turner, Nana Wendy Fallance, Papa John Campbell, Papa James Coyle and Gran Amanda Kaney.

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