Baby Names 2019: here are the top 10 most controversial baby names for boys

When it comes to naming their child, parents can become torn on whether to go for something classic or something unique - these are the top 10 most controversial baby names for boys in the UK.

Monday, 2nd December 2019, 2:11 pm
Did your name make the list?

The list comes from Channel Mum – did your name make the list?

Topping the list for divisive boys names is Jaxon, or Jaxxon, which had parents divided on whether it was sharp and contemporary or simply a name not spelled properly.
Next on the list is Felix, which had mothers claiming that it reminded them of the cat food brand that weve seen being advertised on our TVs for years.

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Theres been plenty of famous Oscars throughout history - author Oscar Wild, actor Oscar Isaac and perhaps most famously, Sesame Street favourite trashcan dweller Oscar the Grouch.
Harrison came under fire from more than a quarter of parents who disliked using a surname as a first name - sorry Harrison Ford.
It appears the likes of Vlogger Alfie Deyes and actor Alfie Allen havent managed to increase the popularity of the name Alfie.
Despite being the 13th most popular boys name in the UK, Henry still managed to divide parents, with some describing it as too posh and better suited to a Labrador dog.
While plenty of celebrities sport Fox as a second name, like Michael J Fox and Megan Fox, it seems that those with Fox as a first name are yet to break into fame.
Parents felt that Leonard was either unusual and classic or taking the old-fashioned names trend too far.
Originally a Scottish surname, the name boasts a number of different variations, such as Makenzie, Mackynzie and Mickenzie.
The name Eden has Hebrew origins which means delight and is a unisex name given to both girls and boys.