B&M staff did not bargain on being let go before Christmas

Staff at the opening of the new store in Stenhousemuir back in November
Staff at the opening of the new store in Stenhousemuir back in November

Furious former employees claim a superstore led them to believe they were on permanent contracts and then let them go on Christmas Eve.

They claim the new B&M store in Tryst Road, Stenhousemuir, which opened at the end of November to replace the village’s smaller existing store, had misled staff about their contracts, telling them they were permanent when, in fact, they were only temporary Christmas contracts.

Natalie Leith was so angry at the way she was treated by the store she aired her frustration online.

She said: “They used long term unemployed and the vulnerable to get a new build store up and running, then, without any prior notice, decided to make us redundant just before Christmas.

“Back when they advertised for the position they had advertised for permanent staff, and the interview I undertook in the Falkirk store was for a permanent staff position. On the two-day induction the question was brought up regarding Christmas temporary staff and we were again told we were permanent.

“Then word started getting about we were Christmas temporary staff. I was fuming – somebody has been talking rubbish somewhere down the line.

“What annoys me in all this is that people have left jobs, come off long term unemployment and have slaved setting up this store.

“The store had potential to be a great shop but it’s a great disappointment – families back in poverty and self-esteem battered.”

Jane-Ann Donaldson (38) said she had actually been given an award for her hard work before she was let go.

She said: “They told us at the induction it was a permanent job, even though the forms said it was temporary. They told us not to worry about that it was just a misprint.

“I even asked the manager and he said don’t you worry you are on a permanent contract.

“I think they must have got rid of 15 of us this way.”

The only reason Andrew Burns (62) left his school crossing guard job was because he was assured the B&M post was permanent.

He said: “I spent 20 years trying to get a job and this happens. ”

A B&M spokesperson said: “Some positions in the store were temporary and colleagues on these contracts were made aware of this when they took the role.”