Anne celebrates 100th birthday with her family and friends

Anne Cummings with her family and card from the Queen. Picture: Craig Halkett
Anne Cummings with her family and card from the Queen. Picture: Craig Halkett

There was a special celebration in a Linlithgow housing complex as one of its residents reached a major milestone.

Anne Cummings celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by her loving family, friends and a few special guests.

Not only was she inundated with flowers and cards, the gran of five was also presented with her telegram from the Queen congratulating her reaching the incredible age.

West Lothian Provost Tom Kerr presented the Bield resident with flowers and wished her well on her big day.

Born in Grangemouth on August 10, 1916, Anne attended Zetland Primary School and Grange school before leaving for her first job in Kirks Haberdashers in Lumley Street as a sales assistant.

She worked there until she married in 1933. Anne tied the knot with George Cummings in Grangemouth’s Old Parish Church and eight years later the couple had their first child Robert. In 1944 Anne gave birth to her second and last child Norman.

The Cummings clan has grown and Anne is the proud grandmother to Jacob, who lives in France, and to Jacqueline, Susan, Pamela and Pauline.

In 1953 the family moved to Linlithgow due to George’s work and they moved again in 1966 to Macclesfield.

Here Anne re-entered the world of work and found a job in a pyjama factory.

In the 80s he family returned to Linlithgow and Anne retired.

Norman said: “Our mum was fantastic while we were growing up. She taught us a lot and really looked after us well.”

For the past eight years Anne has been a resident at the housing complex and really enjoys her life there.

Norman said: “She has a lot of friends and is well looked after by all the staff.

“She is happy.”

Throughout her life Anne has joined in with Linlithgow’s traditions and just last year she thoroughly enjoyed her time at the sherry party during the Marches celebration.

Norman said: “Her love of a wee sherry could be one of the things that has kept her going to 100-years-old.”

Some of the family are still to visit Anne to wish her well and Norman said they plan to take her out for a celebratory meal in Linlithgow to mark the occasion.