Angry clash follows SNP’s report on first 100 days in power

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A report on the SNPs first 100 days of being in control of Falkirk Council sparked an angry war of words.

Leader of the administration, Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn, presented the update to the executive on Tuesday.

She said that in “challenging and uncertain times” a manifesto focused on initiatives that will create economic growth, job opportunities and support the most vulnerable has made a “positive” start.

Councillor Meiklejohn listed four pages of “key” achievements that had delivered SNP priorities since the election in May.

They included the opening of Carrongrange School, marketing the Falkirk Gateway, the £1.8 million public realm works to regenerate Falkirk Town Centre through the Townscape Heritage Initiative and the opening of the Dorrator Bridge with Communities Along The Carron.

But Dennis Goldie, leader of the Labour Group, claimed she was taking credit that was not deserved.

Councillor Goldie, who had called for the report to go directly to the full council for debate, said: “Some of the statements you have made are false, not accurate and totally untrue. You are claiming credit for things that you have not done. Some of these things were part of the Labour manifesto from 2016. I would never claim credit for somebody else’s achievements. It’s shocking.”

The council leader said: “We have not unpicked everything done by the previous administration and this administration has a dynamic delivery mechanism in place to take things forward. I stand by the report.”

Her SNP colleague Councillor David Alexander said: “The bottom line is the last administration had its achievements but also made questionable decisions. Comparing notes on this and previous administrations is not productive.

“I don’t understand or believe elected members can’t contribute to something unless they are in the administration. We should be working together to protect services and communities and be looking forward rather than backwards.”