People power saves Falkirk community centre

There will be activities for young and old at  Westfield Community Centre
There will be activities for young and old at Westfield Community Centre

A management committee has taken on the responsibility of running and financing its own community centre.

The move to take over control of Westfield Park Community Centre follows Falkirk Council’s budgetary decision to withdraw its funding from local community centres.

To mark the regime change the committee is hosting an open day at the Westfield Street, Falkirk venue from noon to 4pm on Saturday to allow people to hear all about, and in certain cases sample, some of the activities that will be made available at the centre now and in the coming weeks and months.

A Westfield Park Community Centre spokesperson said: “We are also looking for people to volunteer their time to the community centre – anyone with any skills they wish to share with the community, or even just willing volunteers to help with the general maintenance and running of the centre will be given a warm welcome by the management committee.

“For many service users the Westfield Community Centre has been a great help in preventing and intervening in many social problems and without the help and support of the volunteers and participants at the community centre many would be unable to cope with day to day issues.

“Obtaining funding to maintain the service at Westfield Park is vital for many of the residents in the Falkirk area.”

People can call (01324) 508520 or visit the Westfield Community Project Facebook page for more information.