Paying the price of a bad name

Could you offer a forever home to Mickey?
Could you offer a forever home to Mickey?
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Neglect, abuse and violence was all Mickey knew until he was rescued by an animal charity.

The six-year-old Staffordshire Terrier was in a terrible state and starving when he was taken in by Staffordshire Rescue Scotland almost a year ago but is now fit, healthy and looking for a home.

Anne Russell can’t understand why Mickey, housed in Airth Station Kennels, is being overlooked.

She said: “Mickey is a great wee dog, very friendly, great with kids and gentle on the lead. He is desperate for a stable home, where he can have a bed of his own and an owner to scratch his ear. But no one is interested.

“He’s been ready to be rehomed for months but while other dogs have come and gone, he is still in the kennels. Yes, he’s had a tough life but that hasn’t put him off humans at all, he’s a real sook.”

Mickey had been starved by his old owners and used as a punchbag. He was covered in cuts and bruises and had several broken teeth when he was rescued.

Unfortunately Mickey is just one of the heartbreaking cases Staffordshire Rescue Scotland has to deal with every day.

Ann and husband Alister, from Larbert, began volunteering six months ago with the charity - which was only founded a year ago.

Alister said: “We had Staffies in the past and contacted Staffordshire Rescue Scotland when he heard about a dog that needed help.

“They asked if we would do more, since they were needing help and we have been the Central Scotland contact ever since.”

The couple’s own dog Danny came from the charity. He was three weeks old - too young to be away from his mother - when he was found in a bin.

Anne said: “There are lots of dogs that need help but we need volunteers, more fosterers and more fundraisers.

“Staffies get a bad name.People think they are vicious but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Most are great family pets and more often than not it’s the owners that affect their behaviour.

“One of the saddest cases I’ve seen is a dog who had been used for baiting. They tied his mouth shut with electrical tape and then set pit bulls on him to train for fighting. The poor dog was so traumatised there was nothing we could do for him except put him to sleep.”

Falkirk vet David Reed from Grahams Road Vet Practice agrees Staffies get a bad name and says they are actually some of his best patients.

“The reputation Staffies get is unfair. In truth, the vast majority make great pets. They are typical terriers, territorial and often don’t like other dogs, but their reputation of being ferocious is nonsense.”

Could you offer a forever home for Mickey? He needs a home without other pets but is great with kids. Call Staffordshire Rescue Scotland on 07594 897338 or 07880 741428 or visit the website at