Parrot rescued after hitting window in Falkirk

Mango wasn't injured after his crash
Mango wasn't injured after his crash

A parrot fleeing from crows was rescued after crashing into the window of a house.

The Scottish SPCA were called out by a resident in Fairhaven Terrace after the terrified bird, now named Mango, fell to the ground stunned by the collision.

Fortunately, he did not sustain any injuries and is now being cared for at the animal welfare charity’s Edinburgh and the Lothians Rescue and Re-homing Centre.

Animal rescue officer Robyn Gray said: “Poor Mango was trying to escape from crows when he crashed into the window. He was a bit stunned.

“With his bright feathers, Mango was an easy target for predators so we’re very glad he’s safe now. The lady who found him had no trouble picking him up and containing him until I arrived.”

Mango is a colourful conure and the SSPCA is searching for his owner.

Ms Gray added: “Mango is such a friendly and confident bird so I’m sure he has an owner who’s desperately worried about him.

“Hopefully someone will recognise him and come forward so we can return him home soon. If no one claims Mango, we’ll be looking to find him a loving new owner.”

Anyone who recognises Mango is being asked to call the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.