Parking warnings confuse motorists

A PARKING clampdown left commuters bewildered and confused.

Drivers were scratching their heads after the notices were erected at Larbert railway station car park declaring that policing would start this month and penalties would be issued to those who break regulations.

One motorist said: “This car park has always been free so I’m worried they are going to start charging us to park here. I already have to pay over a tenner to use the train to get to work in Glasgow every day and back, so I’ll not be happy if they start asking us to pay to use the car park too.”

But Falkirk Council, which owns the land, assured drivers that the car park will remain free and the policing is to stop illegal parking.

A spokesman said: “Since the snowy weather at the tail end of last year, drivers have been parking outwith marked bays and obstructing legitimately parked cars.

“We were understanding of this during the snow since obviously the line markings could not be seen. But this manner of parking has continued.

“Policing has started and any cars not parked in bays will be issued with fixed penalty fines ”

The station car park is often at capacity and drivers resort to parking on surrounding streets, but police are now also clamping down on those who park on double yellow lines.

After complaints from residents in the Foundry Loan and Muirhall Road areas, officers from Larbert Police Station regularly patrol the area and issue penalty notices to anyone parking on double yellow lines.

Inspector David Mitchell said: “There is a problem with indiscriminate parking in this area and we are targeting those who park illegally. We are taking steps to alleviate the problem and community officers are working hard to address this.”