Parking is driving Larbert residents round the bend

Logie Drive residents are fed up with parking problems
Logie Drive residents are fed up with parking problems

The streets surrounding Forth Valley’s new hospital have become an extension of the car park according to residents.

With many staff at the NHS Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert not given permits for the car park and the visitors car park frequently at capacity, motorists are parking in residential streets.

Locals claim the drivers often park dangerously or inconsiderately and the situation has worsened since the final phase of the hospital opened in July.

At a meeting of Larbert, Stenhousemuir and Torwood Community Council, around 40 members of the public attended to discuss parking at the hospital.

Dozens of residents voiced their anger at the parking on Old Denny Road, Old Bellsdyke Road, Logie Drive and Stirling Road.

Paula McNaughton (29) said: “I grew up on Logie Drive and spent the summers out playing constantly, but it is now unrecognisable. You couldn’t let children out on the streets to play because it would be like letting them play in a car park.”

PC Alan McConnell, community constable for the area, said: “The parking issue is taking a lot of police resources and we are getting a lot of calls from residents concerned about dangerous parking.

“We can only enforce the law and without double yellow lines we cannot ticket people. If the cars are blocking driveways or parked dangerously, we can do something but not before.”

Members of the public asked why more spaces couldn’t be opened up in the land surrounding the hospital or if the nearby streets could be residents only.

Jan Foster, who has lived in Logie Drive for over 20 years, said: “We are not blaming the staff that park here, it’s the NHS’s fault they have to.

“The residents are at their wits’ end and the drivers are sick of this too.

“Occasionally we have asked motorists to move and they have refused, asking what else are they supposed to do.”

Linda Ferguson of Logie Drive added: “We would like our quiet family cul-de-sac back.

“The hospital has robbed us of this and we are a busy, aggressive, inconsiderate, dangerous and at times impassable car park.”

A spokesperson from NHS Forth Valley said 282 spaces had been recently added to the car park, bringing the total available to 1782 and that they are currently working on a car sharing scheme which should ease parking congestion.

The statement highlighted that Falkirk Council has offered to paint white lines in front of residents’ drives and added: “Reviews of off-site parking will be carried out annually and we are committed to working with partners to address any issues which arise.”