Parking charge shock for business park staff

Scene of parking shock
Scene of parking shock

A row is brewing at a busy business park after claims the landlord has decided to change the rules covering parking arrangements.

Angry staff employed by firms based at The Courtyard complex at Callendar Business Park say the shock move means they face being charged for driving to their work for the first time.

It is understood notices warning that the tree-lined bays around the site just outside Falkirk Town Centre are private and should only be used by authorised permit holders have been in place for some time. They make it clear anyone without a permit faces the threat of being charged £60 for parking illegally - but until now no enforcement action has been taken.

It is claimed it is only now the rules are being strictly imposed - leaving employees with a financial headache if they are caught parking illegally.

One worker who asked not to be named said: “This has caught everyone completely unawares and opened up a real can of worms. There are probably around 30 different companies based here and already there is confusion about how many permits will be made available, how much they will cost and whether the employer or employee will have to pay. If it’s us it’s going to be another expense we have to meet, something in this financial climate we obviously could have done without.”