Parking at Larbert dance studio leads to concerns

Parking outside the dance studio has raised concerns
Parking outside the dance studio has raised concerns

The success of a newly opened dance studio has raised road safety concerns.

Complaints about on-street parking outside the Carmill Studio on Stirling Road are being investigated by Falkirk Council’s planning department.

The business based in the former mill was launched by dance teachers Louisa Phillips and Sheila Mackie less than a month ago.

The pair who own the NRG Performers dance school and the Dance On shop in Manor Street in Falkirk have transformed the derelict building and given it a new lease of life by basically rebuilding it from the inside out.

It now houses four dance studios and there is also room for a shop.

At the opening last month Louisa (35) said: “There was a serious risk of flooding so we had to raise the floors as well as reinforce them to make them suitable to dance on. We knew the space could make a great studio and the transformation is incredible, although it’s safe to say we went over the budget getting it the way we wanted.”

Interest in dancing classes has been high - but its popularity has led to claims that patrons are creating a potential hazard by parking on the road.

The studio offers limited parking either side, but it is claimed most evenings these places are quickly taken up resulting in cars being parked on the kerb just yards from a bend.

Yesterday (Wednesday) a council spokesperson confirmed: “The approved layout plan includes parking provision on site. However, because concerns have been raised with our roads department, planning officers will visit the premises to check that the terms of the planning permission have been met.”

A driver who contacted The Falkirk Herald with her concerns said: “The road is the main route from Larbert into Camelon and can be very busy particularly in the evenings.

“When I passed the other night I had to move across the centre line to get past the row of cars parked nose to tail along the road outside the premises.

“It was a bit unerving because there was a bus coming the other way and the driver had to move in to the left to allow me to squeeze by.

“The parking areas either side of the building were full, but there is only enough space for a handful of cars and obviously that’s not nearly enough.

“I would hope this new business is a success, but they really have to get the parking situation sorted out somehow because I’m worried if nothing is done there could be a serious accident.”

As The Falkirk Herald went to press neither business partner was available to comment.