Out with the old and on with the new

New Year is a time for resolutions and looking forward. So the Boys’ Brigade has been evolving , now moving into its 133rd year; influencing boys in Christian ways in three different centuries. How well we progresses draws from such experience and our vision for the future.

One newer company, at the Peoples Church, using an ‘old number’, 3rd Falkirk, succeeded this year for the first time in being first and second in the Battalion Vaulting Competition, so obtaining their first Battalion Trophy since forming in 2013.

A special mention for Alex Kidd to whom the judge awarded a perfect ten for a vault.

“TurnaBBouT” the Battalion alternative worship event on Friday, March 4, in Falkirk Town Hall seeks to “Boldly Go ...” as it’s theme recognises the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek and the BB’s boldly going upwards and onwards, year by year. Let’s have a resolution this new year to have ALL companies make their returns to enable plans for ticketing to be completed as soon as possible; also for photos of company activities to be submitted for use on the day.

Some companies are looking forward to not only local events but progress in national competitions. Information is a bit sketchy but 1st and 2nd Polmont (Brightons and Old Churches) failed to progress to the Scottish Final of the Masterteam Quiz, whereas 1st Grangemouth (Abbotsgrange Church) has its two table tennis teams in Round 3, having convincingly dispatched teams from Dunfermline and Penicuik; with games against Motherwell and Hamilton to come. Good luck!

Finally, Matthew Smith, chairman of the Brigade executive wishes to share the information that the Brigade and Andrew Johnston, Brigade secretary and CEO, appointed to succeed Steve Dickinson, earlier this year, have decided to go their separate ways. In thanking Andrew for his work with the BB, he indicates news of change at the start of the new year.

May 2016, be for all of us a year of opportunities not to be missed. Best Wishes!