Our new encyclopedia is animal magic!

Hamish the Clydesdale horse and stockperson Chris Lacki stockperson
Hamish the Clydesdale horse and stockperson Chris Lacki stockperson

Animals have always fascinated children of all ages, but now youngsters can learn even more about their closest relatives in their kingdom.

We’re now halfway through ‘The Wonderful World of Knowledge’ encyclopedia series which is giving Falkirk Herald readers the chance to purchase a complete set of volumes which are beautifully illustrated and featured a host of your much-loved Disney characters.

This week’s encyclopedia, which is part 12 of a 24-volume set, is ‘The Kingdom of Mammals’, which explores a world of information about some of the best-loved animals including apes, elephants, bears and rabbits.

Mammals live all kinds of lives on and under the land, as well as in the sea and in the air.

This edition of the encyclopedia set focuses on all sorts – from the fiercest tiger to the smallest of kittens.

It starts by explaining what a mammal is – warm blooded, needing air to breathe and possessing a skeleton.

And it goes on to explain that most – including humans – have large brains, and good senses like touch, taste and smell.

The full-colour, 57-page volume explores how monkeys and primates live and use their skills and intelligence to survive.

There’s also information about great whales, wild cats such as lions and pumas, foxes, sea mammals, and more domestic animals like rabbits and rodents.

Muiravonside Country Park is an ideal location to spot a few of those featured and Hamish the Clydesdale horse certainly took an interest in the encyclopedia when the Herald popped along for a visit.

With the park having just been voted a top free day out by mothers with young children it’s a great place to extend your knowledge of animals.

To purchase ‘The Wonderful World of Knowledge – The Kingdom of Mammals’ for just £2.99, cut out the coupon on page 18 and take it to a participating newsagents.

You can also buy any volumes you have missed by e-mailing csu@jpress.co.uk or by calling 0800 328 4252.