Young and old start new session

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A session feels properly started with the first battalion competition.

On September 27, the Alan Douglas Trophy competition, which tests Juniors’ manual dexterity, physical, memory and creative skills was held at St James Church was held. Twelve companies took part. Jim McLean, 7th Falkirk captain played host. 8th Falkirk (Bainsford Church) emerged victorious, with 1st Grangemouth (Abbotsgrange Church) and 2nd Larbert (Old Church) following close behind.

On the previous evening, at the other end of the age spectrum, 18 members of the Stedfast Association enjoyed fun, food and fellowship, at the popular Stirling nightspot ‘The Birds & Bees’ where they took part in a less than serious Petanque competition, quickly followed by stovies and filled rolls.

On September 25, a less than well attended Battalion Council was held in the People’s Church in Falkirk. Nonetheless, those present heard the various reports of section activities, finance budgets and various events planned by the battalion, not only this year but towards the battalion centenary in 2017. For such plans to succeed, the support of many more officers will be required. While, understandably, concern is often primarily for officers’ own companies, support for the battalion must also be a priority. Without it, the structure allowing the organisation to function coherently and interact could not be maintained, things like; Queens badge, training, competitions, overall finance and administration..

The Friends of Ayr Battalion (FAB) has indicated its interest in the Smith Memorial Museum set up by 1st Thurso. During a visit, their representatives stayed at Pennyland House, birthplace of the Founder, and presented a montage of 300 BB badges to the museum along with BB badges from Zimbabwe.