Would we the people vote for triple ‘B’ Boris?

So it looks certain – unless he puts his big foot in it – that Alexander Boris de Pfeffell Johnson will be Britain’s next Prime Minister.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 20th June 2019, 10:45 am

Now I quite liked Boris when he was Have I Got News For You’s big cuddly mascot – Befuddled Buffoon Boris – and you got the impression he was just some eccentric posh bloke who had trouble in social situations and looked like he needed help tying his shoelaces and combing his hair.

Well things have changed in the last few years.

I started to view him differently when I heard about that stuff with the Bullingdon Bully Boys and then saw footage of him just running over a wee boy at some kind of rugby photo session.

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Anyone else would have pretended to trip or have let the wee boy tackle him.

Not Boris – he steamrollered over the little guy to get to his destination.

This ruthless streak has obviously been drilled into him from an early age – first at family level, then at his top schools and now in the wicked world of politics.

There’s a bit in a Bond film when Judi Dench calls 007 a “blunt instrument” and that’s what I feel about Boris – Blunt Belligerent Boris.

Oh he’ll still try to come across as old Befuddled Buffoon Boris – like when he came out with all the cups of tea for the hacks camped outside his house – but the mask has slipped too many times now for me to ever regard him as anything other than what he was bred to be.

We didn’t get to vote for Theresa and we won’t get to vote for Boris, but that’s who will be leading the country next month.

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

Only one of them can spell Armageddon, but both will work together to bring it ever closer.