Windy weather left me at the end of my tether

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Well it’s been the annual weather panic this week, and I haven’t liked it one little bit.

Seems like every year we are hit with severe weather, and every year the whole country goes into melt down.

I’ll admit, the wind the past week has been pretty forceful and it’s kept me away at night as it’s battered off my window but should some gusts means the public transport system grounds to a halt?

After clearing all the debris that had blown out my blue bin – the downside to not being able to bag the rubbish meant it was all over my garden – I went up to Falkirk High Train Station for my morning commute to find the station in chaos.

The platform was heaving with irate looking passengers and the trains all cancelled, with the message board saying to wait for further information.

Eventually we were told the trains would be leaving from Falkirk Grahamston, so after calling my boss to say I’d be late, I traipsed down to the town centre station – only to be told there were no trains to Edinburgh and we’d need to go back to Falkirk High.

My wee legs couldn’t face that hill walk again, so I jumped in a taxi and split the cost with a few others.

But guess what? The trains still weren’t on at Falkirk High and the staff there were adamant they were going to Grahamston.

By this point the commuters were at their wits end and I was asking myself why my work doesn’t allow staff to take duvet days,

Another taxi ride to Grahamston and we were finally on a train – albeit a very cramped one – and I got to work two and a half hours late and looking like a scarecrow thanks to the gale force winds.

Still at least it’s not as bad as my elderly aunt who lives up near Inverness, she had no power for three days after the wind blew down electricity cables. My aunt – who is in her 80s – is a hardy woman though, and didn’t let the fact she couldn’t use her cooker or turn on the lights affect her.

I called her every day to make sure she was ok, that her portable gas cooker was working and her candle stock was plentiful. Eventually on the third day she said I was to stop calling as she was taking the opportunity of having no television to read a book and all these concerned relatives were stopping her from finishing!