Win put smile on my coupon

Poker win cheered me up after coupon buster
Poker win cheered me up after coupon buster

Gambling is a mug’s game they say, but it can be good, harmless fun sometimes.

With the football season upon us once again you’ll find me in a bookies shop most Saturdays placing my coupons – £2 on one for teams to win, lose or draw and then another £2 on a ‘both teams to score’ line.

I’ve never been a big gambler, as you can probably tell from the small stakes I put on, and only ever bet on the horses when it’s the Grand National. But I love a wee fitba’ coupon.

Usually by quarter to five my coupon is crumpled up and lying somewhere in the corner of my living room or whatever pub I happen to be in when the final results come in.

Luton were the latest team to be called all the names under the sun after they failed to score at home against Wimbledon.

I bet their top striker probably missed from two yards in the last minute or something when nearly £500 was coming my way.

Dejected as I was I had to pick myself up to host a poker night. I bought a big table with spaces for the chips and drinks from Amazon for £25 and a new deck of cards from Sports Direct for 70p.

There were four couples playing and the eight of us all put in a fiver so it was £30 to the winner, £10 for runner-up. None of the female contestants had played before, but two of them made it to the final and they took great delight in letting their partners know about it– loudly!

However, they were up against ‘Cool Hand Luke’ here who showed amazing skills, and a complete lack of chivalry, to lift the winner’s pot after a marathon five-hour session. I then took the opportunity to make sure everyone knew who the winner was – loudly!