Wimbledon is my ace annual event

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Anyone for tennis? Definitely me!

I’m sure there’s lots of armchair Wimbledon fans out there who love nothing better than a fortnight sitting watching the sporting prowess of Andy, Roger, Serena and all the other top players taking part in this top annual tournament.

It’s a rush every night to get home in time to watch the evening matches, then the highlight programmes.

I just love the ex-champions who are now the pundits – in particular John McEnroe, who get so animated when either commentating on a match or giving his opinion afterwards. And boy he does not spare anyone’s blushes when he makes his views known.

Couldn’t believe him the other night when he was slating the guy John Millman who Andy Murray beat in the third round. Apparently two hours before the match he had been watching his fellow Aussies taking part in a doubles match.

According to John that wasn’t the proper preparation for such an important match – and he will certainly know that now!

There’s so much about Wimbledon that is just so quintessentially British – whether it’s the gents wearing their blazers – even on the warmest of days, the strawberries and cream, the Pimms or just the refined atmosphere that seems to envelop the whole event.

It’s on my bucket list of things I really want to do and, every year at this time, I make a mental note to apply through the ballot for tickets for next year. But with most of the things stored in my brain these days, it quickly goes astray and we get to about Easter and I realise that I’m far too late.

I’ve known one or two people who were lucky enough to attend, one who was even a match official. I was mightily impressed when I heard that.

There was also the couple who several years ago were lucky enough to get tickets for the gents final – and turned down lots of serious cash to sell them because they thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I also know some real tennis fans who actually take holidays to be able to sit at home and watch all the matches live. Now that is a tennis fanatic!

You may have noticed that I’ve not mentioned Andy Murray’s fortunes this year ... I don’t want to jinx anything. But you can be assured come Sunday I’ll be sitting in my comfiest chair, glass of Pimms in one hand with my fingers crossed on the other hand that Scotland’s favourite sporting son will be on Centre Court to make us proud.