Will Easter bring a Spring in my step?

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Am I the only one who gets confused with Easter falling early this year?

I always think of it as an April celebration but in 2016 it falls a week on Sunday, March 27 to be exact ... and in my book that’s not quite right.

Of course, raising this topic in the office caused the usual head scratching and deliberations about how it is calculated and is on different dates each year.

But thanks to Google we were able to come up with the answer or at least this – “Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox”. The vernal what?

More Googling discovered that this is also called the Spring equinox and is the time when the seasons are opposite on either side of the equator.

Every day is certainly a school day!

So that’s the theory but has anyone told the weather that it is supposed to be Spring?

We had one warmish day this week and then back to cold days and frosty nights.

When I was young ... oh no, I sound like my mother! Well, when I was young, Easter was a time when you got to wear your new clothes, albeit perhaps still with a cardigan and if you were really lucky, you would get an Easter bonnet complete with ribbons to wear.

But this year, unless things change dramatically we’ll all still be wearing our winter coats.

I remember taking my own children to the park on Easter Sunday to roll their hard-boiled eggs down the hill. There was one very funny occasion when Emma’s egg, which we had spent hours on the Saturday evening decorating, was snatched off the ground by a boisterous Golden Retriever who promptly eat it!

We couldn’t stop laughing but poor Emma was inconsolable about all her efforts being wasted. And I seem to remember that the dog owner was more than a little concerned about her prize pooch swallowing sequins and lace.

And of course, there was the usual mountain of chocolate eggs to eat. Don’t get me started about how creme eggs don’t seem to be as big nowadays – well I could never finish one before and now I can! Or does that say something about my sugar tolerance?

But back to my point about the timing of Easter. Emma told me that the schools will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday but then they go back for four days before breaking up for two weeks holiday – in April.

Which all goes to prove my point that this year Easter is early!