Why silence isn’t golden for a talker

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Thank you to the readers who sympathised with my experiences of picking my son up from T in The Park.

Seems there were a lot of Falkirk parents in the same boat – and a lot of bleary eyes at work the following morning.

The thing I love most about writing this column is hearing back from readers and I’ve had some lovely letters over the years from people who agree with my often controversial views, and of course some from those who think I’m completely wrong.

People I know will often stop me in the street to talk about the topics of my column and once, when I had written about my car troubles, a very kind gentleman offered to accompany me to the car garage and make sure they weren’t trying to rip me off.

Sometimes I struggle to come up with the time or ideas to write my column, but friends are always keen to give me pointers and I find that when I sit down to write it – usually on my lunch break on a Tuesday – the words flow faster than my bottle of wine on a Friday night.

I’m a natural gabber you see.

Ever since I started talking my mother says I wouldn’t stop and all through primary school I was sent out of class for talking too much.

It used to drive my mum mad, and she would send me outside to play just to give her ears a break from my incessant nattering.

I talk so much, that even if I am home alone I’ll find myself speaking away to myself about things on my to-do list.

Luckily, my career requires me to talk a fair bit, so my boss doesn’t get too angry with me and my ex-husband just stopped listening towards the end of our marriage.

I think the time it takes me to write my column is the quietest I am all week – because I just gab away on the page instead of out loud.

So the challenge I’ve been set at work will be tricky to say the least.

My work selects a charity each year to raise money for and people will do things like dressing up in a silly outfit or climb a mountain and ask for sponsorship.

I’ve been challenged by my colleagues to remain quiet for a full working day.

It’s an almost impossible task but I want to help the charity.

I might just need to write a good few of my columns to make up for my lack of words!