Why it pays to go a bit mad sometimes

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I’ve learned lots since I started my work experience at The Falkirk Herald.

But the first thing I noticed is it somehow doesn’t seem right to eat anything.

I arrived on the first day with a briefcase full of fattening, calorie-ridden goodies, but only ate half of my Harvest Cheweee Bar and four ready salted 

People, please start eating. Your work experience is hungry.

Mind you, it does explain why everyone is so tall and slim. Who needs Weight Watchers when you can go work in an office?

The other thing was that listening to music is a no-no.

This sad fact makes me want to cry. Still, it does have a small benefit. It’s a great excuse to go home, launch myself onto my comfy bed, stick in my earphones, and completely pollute my ear canals with the sweet sounds of Twin Atlantic.

Hello deafness, here comes Soph.

And finally, while working in an office, it seems improper not to develope a mad addiction to coffee.

It’s really not healthy for a girl of 15 to be drinking four cups a day, although I think I get away with it, as I take mine really, really milky, so the mad-dash caffeine rush doesn’t seem to affect me.

Thank goodness for that – when I get hyper, I start hitting things and dancing on tables.

People have always said I’m a bit daft, hyper or not. Mention the name Sophie Wallace to a friend of mine, and, apparently, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘nutcase.’ Still, being slightly mad does have it’s perks. I get away with things ‘normal’ people don’t, like making really weird faces at completely ramdom moments.

Apparently, the ‘Demented Squirrel’ look is something only I could pull off.

If everyone was normal though, we’d drive each other to the brink of insanity.

So to those normal individuals, I say “BE DAFT”. It’ll make the world a more happy, and slightly more peaceful place.

Sophie Wallace is a pupil at Braes High School and our new

weekly columnist