‘Why’ is the word on our children’s lips

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Before my son was born my wife and I attended NCT classes to prepare us for the impending arrival.

A lot of what we learned proved useful – especially, as it turned out, what to expect if a Caesearean section is called for.

But the best bit about it was meeting other would-be parents.

We enjoyed many a laugh as we practised for our new roles and have kept in touch over the past four years.

The mums got together this week for a blether and it appears that the favourite word in all our children’s vocabularly is ‘why?’.

And, as their curiousity grows, so does the parents’ angst.

‘‘How does the baby get into mummy’s tummy,’’ was one recent question from a youngster eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new brother or sister.

‘‘Well mummy and daddy have different jigsaw pieces that fit togther ...’’ began the complicated answer.

Another wee boy is eager to know what would happen if the moon ever crashed into a star.

With Calum, it’s usually me asking why. ‘‘Why did you pour water over your head at nursery,’’ I asked. He just looked at me and shook his head as if I couldn’t possibly be expected to understand.

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