Why I’m still best friends with Mr Visa

Pic Michael Gillen 28/04/2009. Deborah Punshon. Deborah Fox.
Pic Michael Gillen 28/04/2009. Deborah Punshon. Deborah Fox.
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Is it true that the older you get the more careful you become?

Well, if it’s not, the older I get, the more careful I become.

Let me set the scene; a great restaurant, excellent food and a bottle of spicy full-bodied wine.

However, I shift a wee bit in my chair as the bill approaches and regret my somewhat glib offer to “get this one”.

Well, it was Father’s Day and I can’t think of a better dad than mine, so treating him to dinner was the least I could do.

But obviously I had to invite my mum too, so a bill for two grew to a bill for three and that all-important choice between paying by debit card or credit card becomes a win hands-down for Mr Visa.

Another win hands down for Mr Visa, as it goes.

I realise it was a financial decision to a certain extent; was there £94 in my bank account that I could spare?

But more than that, I’m always aware that something could come up when I’d need that money.

Things like restaurant bills and new dresses are all perfect for a Visa intervention.

I know we’re in a depressed economy, but it could simply be that things like this are just putting off something that’s a bit uncomfortable until a later day.

That awkward phone call, a visit to the dentist, cleaning the bathroom – these things have no financial implications, but we’d still rather not face them there and then.

I know some people prefer to get these things out of the way and make responsible financial decisions, but me and my plastic are think-about-it-tomorrow types.

If it was good enough for Scarlett O’Hara, then it’s good enough for me.