Why can’t I take it easy?

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

How often do you hear people say that they wouldn’t like to be a young person today with all the pressures they face.

Without wanting to begin any arguments about the rights or wrongs of such a statement there is one trait shown by youngsters that I really wish I could embrace.

Many young people have slothful down to a fine art. They see nothing wrong in lying in their beds when most of us have done half a day’s work, then they get up only to vegetate in front of the TV/computer/Xbox.

I wish that I could replicate their enthusiasm for sloth.

But oh no, I somehow feel the need to fill every waking hour ... and then spend days, weeks even, trying to finish off what I started.

Take a recent spell off work: the weather had been good so the gardening was being attacked with vigour but then a downpour put paid to that. What to do next? I looked at the bedroom walls which I had been threatening to decorate for ages and, before I knew where I was, strips of paper were being pulled off.

And of course, it took far longer than anticipated. Throw into that a period of looking after a poorly daughter and I was back at work with the job not complete.

There is also the added drawback of my Virgo trait of being a perfectionist so the job had to be done properly.

I nearly went into meltdown when I discovered that the wallpaper I had taken so long to decide on was flawed – and the store didn’t have any more. But thanks to some excellent customer service at Next, two rolls were located in Aberdeen and I can now safely say that the job is finished.

However, standing back to admire my efforts I realised that it made the staircase look really shabby ...