Whodunnit left me scratching my head

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Finally, after eight weeks of highs and lows, the biggest whodunnit of recent times has been solved.

The mystery of who has been stealing my yogurts from the communal office fridge came to a conclusion when I walked in on the perpetrator, helping himself to my Muller Corner. I confronted him, and he claimed he thought they were freebies - because my office provides milk and biscuits, he assumed the snacks in the fridge were for everyone to enjoy too!

So, my whodunnit was solved, along with two of the most publicised mysteries of all time.

I’ve mentioned before I’m a fan of ‘Eastenders’, and most telly to be honest. My sofa and remote are well used every night, so I’ve been in my element with the ‘who killed Lucy ?’ saga.

I remember the very first episode of the BBC 1 soap and I have many fond memories of family dinners and milestones with Dirty Den and Peggy’s voices in the background.

The live episodes were great, a very fitting way to celebrate turning 25 and it proved the actors are really all worth their salt.

On to the other crime drama generating headlines - ‘Broadchurch’. Look away now if you haven’t seen the finale. Although, if you haven’t watched it, I’m sure the ending has been ruined for you by now anyway.

I loved the first series and was genuinely gobsmacked to find out that Joe Miller killed Danny. The scenes with his wife Ellie, played wonderfully by Olivia Coleman, discovering her husband had killed the child, stayed with me long after the programme ended and I was happy when a second series was confirmed.

As soon as the new series started, the press took a dislike to it and there were many terrible reviews, but I still enjoyed the show - even if you did have to suspend belief at some of the legal gaffs.

However, I wasn’t happy with the ending at all.

After stringing us along through eight episodes, thinking there might be a new killer, it transpired the killer was still Joe and nothing had really moved on from the end of the first series.

And they let a child killer walk free to live a new life up north! Where is the justice in that?

With series three also now confirmed, I’m hoping writers don’t send us on yet another wild goose chase.