Who will be next in White House?

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Politics can often be a messy business but who could ever have foretold how nasty the American election would become.

Or perhaps I was being a bit naive. In the country where cash is king, it’s not what you know or even who you know, but how much you’ve got that can take you to the most powerful office on the planet.

It also seems that we only get one person ensconced in the Oval Office before the giant merry-go-round starts again and lasts for another four years.

But this year’s election has to go down as one of the most distasteful ever. Initially we had both camps trading insults about each other’s candidates but what has been revealed in the last week about Donald Trump and is attitude towards women is nothing short of deplorable.

It also begs the question how he has managed to get so far in the race for the White House without all this coming out before.

However, it probably says something about the American political system, and sadly, the people, that a billionaire who comes across as both a charmer and a bully is so close to becoming president.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not very enamoured or convinced that Hillary Clinton is the right person for the job either.

For those of you wondering why people on this side of the pond should be getting so concerned about who will shortly have 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as their address just go back to my earlier comments about power.

As we’ve discovered in the past, the ripples from across the water will affect us all.