Who will be holidaying at home in 2013?

Jill Buchanan. Business Editor, Chief Reporter The Falkirk Herald.
Jill Buchanan. Business Editor, Chief Reporter The Falkirk Herald.

Scotland has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

I’m the first to admit that I’ve not travelled enough in my own backyard, but the vagaries of the weather, i.e. rain, and previous experience of the often negative attitude from some of our tourism providers are my excuse for choosing to journey further afield.

Childhood holidays were always spent in the south-west where, according to my mother who came from this neck-of-the-woods, the grass was certainly greener and the air fresher.

However, over the years I’ve discovered that there are so many gems in our country. Whether it is the rugged west coast or the villages along the East Neuk in Fife, there are some wonderful spots to either spend a few hours or even days. And that’s before you start to think of our cities with so much to do and see.

There are probably visitors to these shores who have travelled further and seen more of our wonderful landscape than most of its inhabitants.

Initiatives in the past have been launched with the idea that more of us should holiday at home. The term ‘staycation’ was launched as people were trying to tighten their belts and the idea of saving cash by not travelling abroad was encouraged. However, summer deluges saw most people reaching for their passports in search of sunnier climes.

As the travel agents begin their ‘push’ for summer 2013 holidays perhaps more of us will decide to stay in Scotland ... but I’m sure it will only be if we get scorching weather!