Who’d really want to be famous?

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

When I was a youngster, most of the boys in my class wanted to be a footballer.

We weren’t after fame or fortune – we just thought it would be great to be paid for doing something we loved doing anyway.

Back in those days, of course, footballers didn’t earn anything like they do now. If they were lucky they might save enough during their career to open a pub or shop when they retired.

Nowadays I despair at the number of people who want to be famous and earn pots of cash. Not famous for doing anything in particular. Just famous.

Blame whoever you want for it, but that’s definitely the way things are going just now.

Perhaps someone should tell them there’s a downside to fame as well.

Living your life under the spotlight is not all it’s cracked up to be. One minute you’re a hero and the next you have people baying for your blood.

Take David Moyes for example.

Handpicked for the Manchester United job by Alex Ferguson and lauded by the fans ... only to come crashing down to earth – and very publicly so – over the course of a few short months.

Fame? You can keep it (although some extra cash might be nice).