Whiling away the summer

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

I’ve just come to the realisation that I’m already halfway through my summer holidays and, frankly, the thought of this is rather soul destroying.

I don’t understand how though.

It seems like only last week when we strolled out of the school building, all cheering and whooping, stupidly excited for the seven-week break that was to come. Now, realising that I am on week four, I’m starting to really not look forward to going back, and, even worse, absolutely dreading results day, which is 12 days away (not that I’m keeping a countdown or anything).

The sudden realisation that I’ve been so unproductive this summer has started to sink in. Well I say that, yes I’ve been doing homework, but apart from that and the occasional extra shift at work, I’ve been sat on my tod either at mine, my friends’ or my boyfriend’s house doing sweet nothing. When I say house, however, I really mean various back gardens, considering the absolutely fantastic weather we’ve been having. I actually have a tan.

I was slightly more productive last weekend though, as the family and I travelled down south to Alton Towers for the weekend. Being the ridiculous adrenaline junkie that I am, I was absolutely buzzing to finally go on The Smiler (the theme park’s newest roller coaster, 14 loops, yes please) but, of course, trust Saturday to be the day that the heavens decided to open, drenching the whole country and killing my hopes on riding The Smiler, which had to close because of technical difficulties. We got on everything else though, and for those who have seen the photographs from the rides themselves will realise that a brilliant time was had by all, even if my parents and sibling all look as if they are going to throw up their lunch.

Apart from that, though, this summer, so far, has seemed to consist of nothing. I’m not complaining though, because in three weeks’ time it’s back in the deep end for sixth year.

And, seriously, that scares me more than anything else.