When you need an answer

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

The events of the last ten days where police failed to respond to a call about a crashed car have shocked us all.

We expect our emergency services to be there for us when needed.

In March I dialled 101 to report an intruder on the property neighbouring my home. After hanging on for over six minutes without an answer I gave up.

When I tried again 30 minutes later, it was finally answered after several minutes hanging on but there was little interest in my story as the intruder was no longer at the scene.

If they came back, I was told, give us a call. Should I dial 999 I asked? Certainly not, was the response, it’s not an emergency so call 101.

I pointed out if it took them as long to answer as it had earlier, the culprit would again be long gone.

This prompted me to ask about response times, but was told there was no targets for the new Police Scotland force because of “disparate legacy systems”. Without prejudging any investigation, it would seem that the call handling system needs an overhaul.